Monday, May 4, 2015

Congrats to NBA MVP Steph Curry

NBA League MVP Steph Curry
I want to Congratulate MVP Stephen Curry. It is well deserved in a very close race. If I had a vote this year, I too would have voted for this young man. Steph is the best player on the best team. Steph had a great regular season, and he is playing extremely well in the Playoffs.
I have had the pleasure of being with him on two separate occasions.
I was with Coach Keith Smart and the GS Warriors they year he was drafted out of Davidson at the NBA Summer League. he was very coachable. he was receptive to any and all guidance and direction. He was a sponge.
I had the pleasure of Coaching him again in an NBA Charity event in Salt Lake City. I was the Head Coach of a great group of NBA Players. Steph was out with the fans, signing autographs with anyone who asked, he stayed after the game to again signed or posed for pictures with anyone requesting him.
I could see the workethic, he had a pre game routine, that he still uses before games now.
He out works, out prepares, he spends hours on his skill sets, he spends hours in empty gyms with his coaches. he is well grounded with his faith. Great Player, but even better person.
I am thrilled and excited for him. Yes, he has the DNA from his father who too was a NBA player.
Congrats and God Bless NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

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