Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary to my amazing Wife Kim

Happy Anniversary 
Please help me in wishing a very Happy Anniversary to my amazing Wife Kim.
It was on this day, May 8, we put our toes in the sand on a private beach on the Virgin Islands and we vowed to each other our Love.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life. I found in Kim a women who was a reflection of me. We share so many things in common. You are not only beautiful on the outside, but you are truly one of the most sincere , loving, caring, people I have ever met.
You will go out of your way everyday to help others, you will not say No to anyone, you work extremely hard, you are a wonderful example to our kids. Whittney and Brandon. I know it seems cliche' but on the inside you are even more beautiful.

Words cant express what you mean to me, I thank you for choosing me, I am a blessed man !
I could write a book on how grateful and appreciative I am for who you are and what you do for me and our family.  My life made a turn the moment we met on July 18 when I came into town for my work at the NBA summer league in Salt Lake City. I came into town from Vegas but hit the Jackpot when my blue eyes met your green eyes in the green mini skirt you were wearing, white blouse and high heels. I have your sister Holly to thank for setting up this meeting. We stayed up until 4 am talking and getting to know each other better. Basketball was my life and now I found the perfect person to share it with. Thank you for putting up with me and finding perfections in my imperfections. We have shared and made great memories to this point and I am excited to continue our journey together. I know our best years are ahead.

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