Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy (50th) Golden Anniversary to my Loving Parents

Happy 50th Anniversary to Bud and Diana Fields
Sending out a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two lovely people today.
My Mom and Dad, Bud and Diana Fields.

Wow  50 ! which means I am getting ever closer to 50 years old?
You have Staci and I,  You have Whittney ,Kristi, Colton, Kensi, Brandon, Kassi, Conner and Caden.
Now Kara, Cohen and Lakelyn. your legacy continues.
There have been many wonderful memories shared in these Golden Years, to many to list.
Lets hope for many more years of Health and many more Years of wonderful memories ahead !

I love you both and Thanks for your example. I can't name many people who last 50 years anymore !
I love you both and I wish I were there to share it with you....

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