Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mothers Day to my Wife and Mom of our kids

Happy Mothers Day to my lovely Wife Kim.
Mother to Whittney, Brandon, The late LACEY and Diesel
Team Fields
My Wife is an Awesome Mom to our Kids

I want to Wish my Wife, Kimberly Dawn Fields, a Happy Mothers Day !
You were a single Mom for many years, but you did a fantastic job with Whittney 
She is following in your foot steps in the beauty industry. She is strong, independent, successful. She had the best role model in you.
You were a instant Mom to Brandon, you have been at every Game, there for all the HS dances, you made sure he had everything he needed for his confidence and development.
You had an immediate bond with LACEY. She was your baby girl from day one.
You and Des are running buddies for sure and you keep him in line, as I am a softy when it comes to him.
I set back an observe all of the Love, Support, Nurturing you provide for our Home, you are the glue, you are a hard working professional women who holds it down and provides all the extras. Nothing slips through the cracks...
You are Awesome, Amazing as a Wife and Mom.
I am blessed you chose me and Our Kids have it All, the "Mom of the Year" award thus year and every year.

Love you, a Happy Mothers Day !

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