Thursday, May 28, 2015

Congrats GS Warriors - Western Conference Champs

GS WARRIORS to the NBA Finals
Western Conference Champs
Congrats to the Westen Conference Champs -Golden State Warriors !
The 40 year wait is over for the fans inn the Bay Area.......GM Bob Myers for making the moves.
Head Coach Steve Kerr for his humility and and settle changes made to bring the Team to another level after Coch Mark Jackson did a great job.
NBA MVP Steph Curry, the People's Player for leading his Team
Klaus the other Splash brother, a healthy Bogut, D Green with his passion, Iggy for excepting a role, D Lee and FE...Fun to Watch, "Who said a Jump Shooting Team can't win in the league?

NBA Finals here they come to meet a King James led Team of Cav's
This will be fun to see the match ups, the adjustments...

Should be an exciting series

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