Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comparing two great guards

Comparing two great guards

I have been blessed in my career, I have coached some great individuals, the list is long.
I wanted to share this photo attached to this post.

I wanted to compare two great guards.
1, everyone knows as he is the NBA MVP- Steph Curry
1, is from the small country of Venzuela -  Heissler Guillent

Yes, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to coach both of them, but this post is not about me, it is about educating and making all players aware of the strengths that each of these men have.

Both of these men are first and foremost outstanding people, the are family men, they are loyal to their wife, they adore their children. I have seen them both interact with their kids.

Both of these men are very hard workers, both of these men put in hundreds of hours of work on their skills sets to improve their game. Both of these men take care  of themself and their bodies.

Both of these men are very coachable, they listen, they make eye contact, they are focused.
Both of these men put in the work that have been taught to them. Both of these men are passionate about the game. Both of these men have earned the respect of their peers. Both men don't talk , they just work. Both men let their play do their talking. Both are leaders, both are clutch. Both of these men will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage on the competition. Both of these men are humble, they are great with the fans, sign autographs.

The are so many Comparisions to make on these men.

Both of these men will represent their countries in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
1 for Team USA
1 for Team Venezuela

There will be 1 Coach who will be cheering for both of them, it is so gratifying to watch them both succeed. I am thrilled they both have been blessed to perform on the big stage.

I know after the game is over for both of them, they will both be grounded and successful away from them hardwood.



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