Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jorge Hernandez - the Venzuelan Basketball Architect

Mr Jorge Hernandez - the Venezuelan Basketball architect

I want to congratulate Mr Jorge Hernandez and his family for the recent success of the Venezuelan National Basketball team and their qualification to the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

I had the honor and privledge to work with him and get to know him on and off the court.
He is a great man, I have the utmost respect for him. To me he is the man behind the magic.

It is true, he has never scored a basket, he has never grabbed a rebound, he has never taken a charge on the court. Be he has given the biggest assist to ALL of Basketball in the country.

He is the charismatic owner of the Guaros de Lara basketball team, that I was honored to coach.
When I met Jorge in Aruba, my first impression of this man is he has the passion and he cared about his people and he is very loyal
To me he was the Mak Cuban of basketball in all of Latin America. He was outspoken. he had vision. He wanted to give his team every resource available to him to provide a culture for success. You have to appreciate that.
The more time I was around Jorge , I saw the successful business man in him like a Donald Trump.

He builds success, he builds people, he provides opportunities.

Even though my time was short, I must give credit to where credit is due.
Mr Jorge Hernandez needs to be given the credit for the vision and direction of All of Basketball in Venezuela. Because of his drive, because of his ambition, because of his vision Venezuela will compete in the Olympics.

I am thrilled for Jorge, he deserves the credit, Basketball would not be at the level where it is today without the Architect.

They are a great group of players on the roster, they have a great staff. And Jorge has been the force behind the product.

So from my personal perspective, I want to send my personal congrats to Jorge and his family.
I am happy for him and all he has done for Basketball in Venezuela.

I wish you all the best moving forward. I know as long as his hands are on the wheel. Nothing but positive results will follow. Go Get 'EM Boss !!!!!!

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