Sunday, September 13, 2015



I am sad to share that the NBA community and society lost another great one.
R.I.P. Moses Malone.
  (Holding NBA Championship Trophy)
Pictured with my first celebrity inspiration Julius "Dr J" Erving.

Dr J had my interest, I would imitate him on my nerf hoops in the hall way and in the bedroom,
I would dunk Nd slam myself into the door, and my mom would yell,"This is not a gym" I was dunking in athletic ways. I would watch those 76ers to watch him, but I would also notice mountain of a man on the boards. Moses Malone.
A player who went from HS to the Pro Ranks. He was a relentless worker on both ends of the floor, grabbing rebounds, grabbing his own misses, or starting a fast break out to Dr J.

I am sad for the loss.

RIP Moses

I sent my condolences to your family.

Gone to soon.

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