Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It all starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields

It is starts with VISION- Coach Scott Fields
Where does it come from? How do you get started? How can I make a difference?
You must have VISION ! You must be confident in yourself and your skill set and abilities.
You must be comfortable to teach, break down to the simple basics and be able to teach it, demonstrate it, show how you want it done. Don't take for granted they know what you know.
Don't assume, talk to them and teach them like you are talking to a Martian.

As a Coach, there are many paths to take on your journey. What level do you want to Coach?
What gender do you want to Coach? Are you in it for the right reasons? If you are in it for the fame? The money? I will tell you this, you are in it for ALL the wrong reasons.

If you are in it to help others to obtain their goals and aspirations, it is a great place to start.
You must care for the people you Coach ! You must take the time to get the know the athletes off the court you are Coaching.
You must be able to Communiate.
But take it to the next level, you must be able to effectively Communicate with them one on one.
You must be able to identify. Role for the individual before you set your Team goals.
Everyone must know and understand their Role on the Team.
They must buy into your system or Philosophy.
This comes easier for those who have had success and from those who have reached success at higher levels.
You must be comfortable to hold them accountable. You must use tidy who the Team CPtian is going to be and hold that person accountable as well.
Just know before you hold them accountable, you must hold yourself accountable for all of your actions, so, you must lead by example.

As a man with Vision, you must be ready to build and create a CULTURE of Dedication, Disapline,
Hard Work. These must be Goal driven, Winning will be the by product of the Hard Work.
Individual Goals must be willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the Team, Players and everyone in the organization must be mindful of the process.

The can be no hidden agenda's , Things must be first and foremost realistic to everyone.
You must be willing to make a stand for what you believe and not waiver. You must have confidence, you must believe in what you Teach and what you preach. If not, you will loose the respect of those you are leading.

You must stay calm during stressful times, you must control your emotions, as mental clarity comes with rational thinking. You must be able to see what others can't not, but lead them to your vision. We must stive for perfection in a no perfect environment, as many factors you will never be able to control. You must prepare your Team to perform at peak levels in times of stress and pressure, you must make them comfortable being out of their comfort zones. This is practiced, let them start with visualization. Get your players focused on the current task and centered mentally and mindful of their self and each other. This is all done in a competitive environment.  Everyday their must be competition and under stressful conditions and everything must imulate game speed and game conditions.

This is all organized, planned out to the most specific detail, under time management. Allowing time for corrective skill modifications.

I say, , "We are what we repeatedly do. We are what we repeated think. We are what we repeated Vision"

If you cant see it, don't try to Teach it, don't try to Preach it. But you better first believe it.
Allow your Vision to come to fruition.
This is were Success lies.



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