Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Inside the MIND of Michael Jordan - (Video)

Inside the Mind of Michael Jordan - (Video)
It hopes of sharing content, I found a short video which tries to show the mindset of Michael Jordan.
I think what it is trying to share is his competitive edge, the mental approach, the lengths he would go to find motivation.

Trash talking is only gas on the fire. he would take comments from players, coaches, front office staff to fuel his fire. he would take anything to gain a mental edge on his competition.

MJ would push his Team Mates, he challenged them, he physically fought them.
He wanted everyone around him to have the same edge.

I am sure there are many more depths to his competitive edge and and his mentally.

MJ could back his words, I can't imagine coaches wanting to awaken a sleeping giant.

Enjoy this video clip




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