Friday, September 18, 2015

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - what society has misunderstood
I have always admired Kareem, he was unstoppable, the signature move called the "Skyhook".
He has won as many NBA titles as MJ, the world embraced MJ, but has never built up the Kareem.
Why? Was it his own doing ? Was it his lack of trust with the media?

Arguably the best ever Big Man, before social media, before mainstream, before the Huge high dollar contracts of today.

Should he be on the Mt Rushmore of basketball?

I came across the interesting article on the iconic man.
I still respect what he accomplished on the court, I admire his legacy, I think of his overal dominance from HS in NY, his three NCAA championships at UCLA, they changed the rule about dunking, because he was to dominant and unstoppable. He won 6 NBA titles, he has multiple NBA MVP awards.

Yes, he choose not to play in the Olympics, it was his personal choice. But, he did have longevity in his career. This man who loves literature, reading and writing.

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