Friday, September 4, 2015

Legendary Coach Bobby Knight TOP 10 (soundbites)

Legendary Coach Bob Knight TOP 10 soundbites 

I grew up in Indiana and I was blessed to be a multi sport athlete, with basketball being my favorite.
The Indiana University Head Basketball coach wwas Bob Knight.
My father idolized him, worshiped him. My father went through some health issues and I sent a letter requesting a autographed photo of the coach.
A week later it came with a handwritten note to my dad.

It was awesome.
I have always had the utmost respect for what he accomplished as a coach and what he was able to get out of his players. He has done so many great things for his players once they graduated.
The list is to long, they are all successful in their ventures in or out of basketball.

Bob Knight was the most popular sports figure as I grew up.

Basketball in Indana is a religion. Every Saturday morning, We would watch the Bob Knight show.
We would watch all IU games, then a Lewis Cass HS graduate would go onto play for Coach Knight.
Ted Kitchell, roommate to  Randy Whittman a IU graduate, NBA player and current Head Coach of the Wizards. 

Lets just say, we never missed IU Dad still watches IU, and supports the program, I would guess that he has been dissapointed in the last few years, as I think he wishes Coxh Knight was still at the helm.

I found a list of his TOP TEN soundbites.   Coach Knight was a character, he had his personality.
To me he was a basketball genius, what he accomplished on the court was outstanding.
His knowledge was unquestionable.
His mannerisms? Well, I will leave that to you to decide.

Click the link and enjoy.

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