Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 NBA Finals Match Ups

NBA Finals match ups
The 2015 NBA Finals will have some intriguing match ups throughout the finals.
Coaches- Kerr vs Blatt
Current MVP vs former MVP Curry vs James
Big Men- Mosgov vs Bogut
Guards- Kyrie vs Klay
Thompson vs Green

This is all about match ups, and they are intriguing.
But the most important thing is
Warriors bench vs Cav's bench

the depth in a 7 game series, they have a week so they will have time to have fresh legs.
Each team has injuries, Klay with his concusion, Kyrie with his ankle
Each Team has so called rookie coaches, but each have great experiences to prepare them.

I feel the depth of the Warriors bench is an advantage.
I feel the versatility of Lebron is an advantage.
The  shooting of the Splash brothers is an advantage.

The athleticism of the wings Smith and Shumpert is interesting.

The adjustments made during the games and the adjustments made between games is going to be very interesting.
The rotation of players to slow the super stars down.

The play of the role players on the road will be crucial.

I am eager to read your thoughts ?
Share your thoughts here, and let's have some great dialog.


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