Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 NBA Summer Leagues - Orlando/Salt Lake City/Vegas

2015 NBA Summer Leagues
Here we are, we who love the game are having withdraws after the NBA Finals. Now there is just baseball on in the evenings, even our Sports on ESPN only have MLB highlights.
Yes, we can throw out Free Agency news and rumors.

But we who are in the Game, enjoy the entire process, NBA combine, NBA Pre Draft, NBA Draft and now starting in July the NBA Summer League. Yes, these are competitive men looking to make an NBA camp or roster spot. yes, it is a bit saturated with talent not ready for the league. the level is not the highest, but this is the who's who in the global game.
This is our first glimps at future NBA stars, This is a first glimps at who's game will transform on a roster spot.

Orlando July 4-9      Salt Lake City July 6-10        Las Vegas July 10-20
NBA Summer League is for the Drafted players, a handful of undrafted players who have a chip on their shoulder ready to be invited into camp. This is also a place for a handful of second year players, some who wee rookies and now hungry undrafted players come out and compete. Agents send players for exposure, agents use the summer league to increase market value for their players to land in higher level leagues around the globe.
Players are marketing themselves, Coaches from around the globe are scouting for players to help their clubs win. This is a training ground for referees,

I am excited to go down and look at the coaching market, see what teams are looking for a Coach?

I am always eager to learn and grow, watch practices, watch games, network with friends and meet new people in our game. This is the PULSE of the league. Agents are meeting with front office people to broker deals. This is a fun time of the year, and yes, for the fans, a fix of the viewing pleasure.

Good Luck to all the players, There are alwaysgreatstories that hat come from this format.



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