Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RIP -Jessie Pate Mississippi Mr Basketball, Chipola NJCAA player of the Year

Mr Jessie Pate

A Coach with a heavy heart. I send me heartfelt and deepest condolences to the Pate Family for there loss It is way to early for humanity, but heaven brought home a WINNER.
I had the privilege and pleasure to Coach Jessie Pate while I was at Chipola JC in Florida. We were the #1 and #2 ranked team in the country for a majority of the Season because of his NJCAA NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR STATUS.
I could go on and on about his talent, his athleticism, his ability to score. How he had the ability to be an NBA level player.
Instead I want to talk about his infectious smile, a laugh that would  bring a smile to your face. A boy becoming man. Taken from us at the tender age of 41. Selfishly I would want him here with us, but the lord needed a winner in his kingdom.

RIP Mr Jessie Pate, you will be thought of, you will be forever remember, you will be a legend on the life's you touched here on Earth. Thanks for allowing me to be a better Coach, just for the opportunity to spend a short time with you here.

I will carry your drive and competitive passion with me on my journey.

Attached is the video link to his Funeral
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