Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft ---

2015 NBA Mock Draft 

The 2014 NBA season ended with the Golden State Warriors winning an NBA Championship.
So, This Thursday June 25, 2015. The Dreams will come true for a select few of highly skilled and talented young men.

How will your Team do? Who will your Team pick? Will it make them contenders or will they stay pretenders?

It is important to remember, your Team has been doing a lengthy process, Scouting Games, watching players both Nationally and Internationally. Teams have attended private workouts, Teams have been observing Pre Draft Camps, Teams have an interview process, Teams conduct pre draft workouts at their practice facilities. Background checks with calls have been made to Coaches, Family members, opposing coaches. Test for Mental and Physical aptitude are completed, some Teams use analytical stats.

Let's us not forget it is a business, Trades will be made to find the right fit for not only these draft day prospects, but also free agents will effect the Draft choices, Players will be traded, Positions in the Draft will be sold for a higher draft choice to get their choice.

The Green rooms are Full with their brain trust . Anxiety for the players to be selected, Anxiety for the Front office personel to get their man. Phones will be ringing to the agents, to the players.

Just because a player is drafted, doesn't mean he has quaranteed money or even a roster spot, some of these men will be sent to play in the D league or even abroad to work in their skill sets.

It is an exciting time, Some good players will slip between the cracks and go Undrafted
2nd Rd Guys could make the bigger impact on a roster?

Let us all set back and enjoy the process..

Click this link to see this MOCK DRAFT




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