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NBA Finals -Game 4 - What to watch for as a Fan

NBA Finals- Game 4 adjustments

NBA Finals -Game 4 adjustments
By Coach Scott Fields

I have read many post and opinions on the NBA Finals.
I see people bash and complain, I see a lot of passion being shared.
Social Media is a monster.

I have read where fans have said Steph Curry is not playing at an MVP level?
I see people saying Lebron is the true MVP. Maybe him finishing 3rd in MVP voting is extra motivation in these finals, is the sleeping Giant awakened? people saying he is the best player on the planet.

I read people saying Steve Kerr is not doing a good job, and that David Blatt isn't coaching he is riding Lebrons coat tails?

People are saying Steph Curry is disengaged ?

Ok, here are some of my thoughts on adjustments that can be made.
Let's understand this game tonight in Cleveland is important and pivotable in the series. It is a marathon, not s sprint......
It is only 2-1 in favor of Cleveland at this time.
It is a series and with the new format
No longer 2-3-2
With the new format if Golden State wins tonight yes it would be 2-2 and home court goes back to Golden State. All is back to square one.

So how can Golden State control the pace of the game?
Don't allow Cleveland to walk the ball up the court. 
They can apply full court pressure on the ball and not allow Lebron to walk the ball up the court.
Golden State isn't getting fast break points and they are not getting easier shots for Steph Curry.
How can they fix this.

Golden State needs to stop or slow the points in the paint.
they need to get Cleveland and Lebron to settle for jump shots and initiate Fast break points, This done by slowing penetration and forcing angles. Forcing players to catch it out of their comfort zones, forcing penetration to areas on the floor where they are not as comfortable.

I have already mentioned picking up Full court, and running doubles at Lebron and forcing MD and others to take jumpers. make the role players beat you.

Golden State must get more production out of Green and Barnes.
D Lee showed he was effective catching at the high post and passing.
Starting D Lee, and bring Barnes off of the bench? I say yes, use D Lee experience. He was apart of the successful 4th quarter run for GS.

ON THE ROAD, GOLDEN STATE can't settle for jump shots from the role players and bench players, role players and bench players must Attack and force Cleveland to play D.
they must continue to get to the basket, they are a jump shooting team, yes, so not many FT' attempts.

How can they get Steph Curry scoring quicker.

I saw a Steph Curry playing with poise and penetrating and kicking out for jump shots for teammates, but teammates were not hitting jumpers in the first three quarters 

I am reading people saying that MD is the Curry stopper.
MD has done a great job of defending and making Steph work. MD has created contact, and has made Steph work.TRUE.
Steve Kerr can run and rub Steph of off double Screens and Staggers
I would head hunt MD on screens and make the double screen on a big  as the second screen and force the Big to have to step out, if switch, Steph can take Big off of dribble to basket.
I would have more ball movement and make the Cavs defend, 2 or 3 quick passes off of ball reversals, make the Cavs slide and penchant and recover to again wear down the legs, spacing floor and shooting of of dribble with no passes is to easy to defend.

On the road, it is vital the bench and role players stay aggressive and not settle for Golden State.  better spacing needs to be had by GS. Allowing for more penetration 

50/50 balls have gone to Cleveland and Golden State must  get to these on the road.

if the pace is picked up, Cleveland will be wore down, because of the lack of depth.

They must play with more urgency tonight, Steve Kerr can't wait for jumpers to start falling, Players can't wait for jumpers to fall. Super stars must be super stars. I don't see either Klay or Steph having two poor performances in a row.
They live by the sword, die by the sword. it is who they are.

Experts say jump shooting teams are not built for championships
Defensive Teams are built for Championships.

Who will be the better Defensive Team tonight?

Notice in all games the Cavs have been tired and fatigued at the end of the games.
they don't have the legs, Lebron in the last 5 min started backing the defender down to the block as he too knew he didn't have the legs to knock down the long jumpers.

Golden State has the Bench and depth, but they are not using it to an advantage.
they are allowing the pace and tempo to be controlled by the Cavs

Watch the Pick and Roll game tonight, watch the switches on those plays and see how they are defended. I can see the Cavs bringing up Curry as he will not switch on Lebron, but penetration must be stopped or slowed.

When GS runs Pick in Roll, see who MD guards and ISO him on the block with the size mismatch.

I am curious to observe the difference in Urgency of GS, I watched the body language of Steph Curry coming off of the floor in Game 3 and he was shaking his head, but he was again poised and professional in post game press conference. But, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see who and if anyone stepped up to challenge the other players in the locker room. It can't all be on Steve Kerr, a Player must step up and challenge the others and hold each other accountable.

If you are Lebron and the Cav's . How can you manage the minuets being played and the volume of shits Lebron has to take for the win. If the series goes 6 or 7 games I say advantage GS. Because Can Lebron continue at this pace. MD was sent to hospital after game three for fatigue and cramping.

let's watch the fatigue level of Cleveland
In Game 2 it was T Mosgov who stepped up in scoring.
In game 3 it was MD.
Who will be the next up . Will it be I Shumpert ? How is his shoulder ? Will it be JR Smith? Will T T continue to clean the glass on the Offensive end.

Will GS continue to play small, or go with AB, DL, DG, KT and SC.
bring AI and HB off of the bench?

Gm's must play more physical? With more urgency?
Let's remember Steve Kerr has no NBA Finals coaching experience, none of the GS Warriors had NBA Finals playoff experience.
NOW ...3 games experience 
I feel GS will show what they are learning from the first 3 games

I am sure Lebron will not allow Cleveland to settle. But can Lebron will another win at Home?

I am excited for tonight

Please share your thoughts and opinions here?


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