Friday, June 19, 2015

Cavs Coach David Blatt -Thoughts and Opinions

Coach David Blatt of the Cleveland Cavaliers 
I appreciate the questions sent into me from time to time. I will sound off with some thoughts and opinions here. These thoughts are coming from a Coach, not a member of the press. There have been a whirlwind of comments coming from the so called experts ? I will not mention names or mention the sports talk shows of sports broadcast companies. We have all heard the comments, we have all heard the opinions.

I am glad the Cavs had a pressed yesterday to wrap up the season, so this is on the aftermath of that presser.

Allow this Coach to share my humble opinions.
First and foremost Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on a great season and a great playoff run.
Let's look at the facts, two All Star players went down with injuries. Kyrie Irving who has great skills and ball handling. Kevin Love a face up shooter to spread the floor and great rebounder, both of these guys are double/double guys.KI- points /assist. KL points/rebounds.
Anderson V went down early with a season ending injury. The roster was depleted with injuries and they have arguably the best player in the game Lebron James, who can do it all.

I have an affinity for guys who coached overseas, as I too have done with great success for multiple years. I was thrilled to see Coach David Blatt get an opportunity.  I feel he did a great job while being under a microscope all season. In this day of social media and a saturated market of sports talk shows.

We can all set back and be judged and scrutinized for every move we make ? We can all be second guessed on moves during a game when split second decisions must be made for the best interest of a team. Coach Blatt has a staff who did a nice job., gametime adjustments must be made, between game adjustments must be made. The front office did a nice job with trades to surround LBJ with talent to support him.

"A weatherman is the only guy I know who can be wrong day after day and still keep his job"

Yes, coach Lue kept Coach Blatt from a timeout , that's his job...yes, LBJ claims he changed a play at the end of a game to put the ball in his hands where he wanted it?
Don't you think Michael Jordon did the same thing with the Bulls?

Under the circumstances of a injury plagued roster and getting only two wins away from a NBA Championship, Coach David Blatt has earned the right to return and lead the Cavs into next season.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

Please share your thoughts and opinions here with us

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