Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day -Bud Fields

Happy Fathers Day -Bud Fields
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Charles Dwain Fields (Bud) a man who made many sacrifices to raise us kids, my sister Staci and I are lucky to have you. You started your adulthood early to take on the responsibility to be the man of your house, and help raise your brothers and sisters, this when you tragically lost your father at a much to early age.
You went to work in the factory and put your dreams aside, you needed income and insurance to start your life with our Mom, Diana.
Now in retirement, you are able to follow your passion to all things "Outdoors"
If you are not Hunting, you are out Fishing, if you are not doing either you are writing about it or teaching the youth, the next generation of Outdoormen,  about the joys of Outdoors.
You were my Coach in Baseball, and Football, you taught me trick shots in hoops at lake 16.
He have spent hours on the water together fishing and hours in the stand waiting on those deer to pass.
I only hope I am half of the dad to Whittney and Brandon as you have been for me.
You pushed me to excel in Sports, you taught me life lessons to prepare me for my journey.
You always provided for us as we were growing up, and you were always at every game to scream at Referees when they missed a call. Thanks for being a great example. I am appreciative and I look forward to more time time together in the field
Love you ! Happy Fathers Day !
June 21, 2015

Husband, Father, GrandFather, Great Grandfather, Brother, Uncle and All Mr. Outdoorsmen.


  1. THANKS Scott... Sure miss having all those times together.. One of the TOUGHEST realities in life is kids grow up and their life advances also and there are MANY directions and challenges for them to meet and endure. I TRIED and made the MOST of what I could do and I also TRIED to pass a TRADITION on to you and Staci.. ALWAYS been PROUD of BOTH of you.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you also.