Friday, June 26, 2015

Sweden Pro Basketball 1997- Jamtland Ambassadors

Swedish Pro Basketball 1997
Jamtland Basketball

The year was 1997, I was coming off of my first European Coaching success in Luxembourg, we set a Franchise record for Wins in a Season and first ever Final Four appreance in the Luxemburg Cup.

I was now in Scandanavia in the country of Sweden, this after a summer in Puerto Rico with a 17 year old Carlos Arroyo who would later be a NBA PG.

My Team was Jamtland, I had inherited a great PG and solid Local Swedish players, I brought in a man from Finland, we had a player from Latvia, Turkey, Croatia. We signed former NBA player Marcus Liberty, before the Team fell in financial troubles from not paying Taxes for a foreign player the year before.

This link is from a Win on the road, I appreciate a former player posting this on social media.
I had much more hair back then, and I was rockin the suspenders.
Enjoy the Link

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