Monday, June 1, 2015

Rookie Head Coaches Blatt vs Kerr ? Advantage ?

NBA Finals Rookie Head Coaches Kerr vs Blatt advantage ?
For only the second time in NBA Finals history, We have two rookie coaches.

Two Coaches with different backgrounds.
Blatt the very successful International Coach, Success at the Club level and National Team level.
Kerr, the former NBAD player who has won multiple Championships, Broadcaster and TV Analyst.

Who do you feel has the advantage ?

Kerr has the leagues MVP in Curry, Blatt has the former league MVP.
Kerr has a ready built Team he has taken to another level, Blatt has arguably the best player in the world.

Both have solid Coaching Staffs.

Who in your opinion, is better prepared?
Who does the advantage go to in theTimeouts. Who does make the better game time adjustments?
Who makes between game adjustments better?

I am eager to hear your opinions?

During this series, I will be watching closely. I am excited for both men.

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