Monday, June 15, 2015

NBA Finals and Finals MVP up for grabs- "LBJ vs Steph Curry"

FINALS and Finals MVP up for grabs
LBJ  vs  Steph Curry 
This has been a great series for NBA fans. After the Game 5 results GS Warriors lead series 3-2 and now they head back to Cleveland and the home of LBJ?

The Finals are still up for Grabs, who will take home the hardware ?
But also up for debate .
Who should win the NBA Finals MVP?
Steph Curry was the season MVP, James Harden was second in voting and LBJ a was third in votes.
This has of course added extra motivation for LBJ.
Game 5 was outstanding, Lebron put up monster numbers in a loss on the road and to go down a game 3-2
The triple double was a great performance 40 pts 14 rbs and 11 assist. For Lebron James.
Steph Curry put up 37 pts and 17 in the 4th quarter.
NBA Finals are still up for grabs ? can GS finish it off on the road or will there be a game 7?
Who will be Finals MVP .
If GS Warriors win? Does it go to Steph Curry? What about AI and the consistent play he has produced?
If GS Warriors win ? Could Lebron still win the Finals MVP ?

Attached is a great article and video

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