Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Team USA Mini Camp Roster- with questions and concerns

2015 Team USA Mini Camp Roster- with  questions and concerns

This is a roster of players invited to the 2015 Team USA mini camp In Vegas.
It is a healthy list of top players willing to represent our country in Basketball.
Look at the names on the list.

Jerry Colangelo does an outstanding job with USA Basketball, and he has restored the talent and pride back in our National Team, this after the embarrassing performance of past teams. His respect from the players and his vision to put the best players who have chemistry is not credited enough.

Coach K and his staff have prepared our talent to compete and represent the country with class, dignity and integrity. He manages the ego's well. He gets the team to sacrifice of themself to the betterment of Team. He is a great communicator, he identifies roles, and pushes the players to maximize their skill sets to get them to be a cohesive unit.

The players, you will recognize, might be in your top 20 list in the league, they might represent your favorite NBA team? 

Let's be honest, we as Amercans put more emphasis on the Olympic Games. When it comes to Basketball.
When the Basketball World put more emphasis on the World Championships. The Olympics are more commercial. So of course, More Money, more Exposure, More Endorsements and money to be made and items to be sold during Olympic Games.

Here is my question?  Here is my concern? If you own an NBA Team, and have a player on Contract, who is an asset to your Team and Community. Are you concerned your asset and key player takes a risk of injury and missing a Season in the NBA?

Two recent examples Indiana Pacers Paul George breaks his leg and misses the Season for the Pacers while playing with the National Team.
Just a few days ago, Dante Exum, of the Utah Jazz,  tears his ACL and will miss the 2015 Season for the Jazz. 

Ok, let's break it down. The NBA has an 82 game regular Season and it is a marathon.
Then Top NBA Teams who win the the NBA Playoffs, plays the best of seven series to advance to the next round. 

This is wear and tear on your body. Does this effect the longevity of a players career and the money he can make with an NBA Team?

This is the same as the AAU debate. these young kids playing all year around, it is wearing these players down and not allowing them to concentrate on skill development.

I am just throwing it out for debate.

I am eager to read your thoughts and opinions

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