Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creed the Movie- Rocky 1000 (Movie clip attached)

Rocky vs Apollo (CREED the Movie)
Ok, I will admit, I am a HUGE fan of the Rocky Movies back in the day.
I have been in sports the majority of my life, This sports theme movie of course made Millions.
Rocky 1, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4. All great Movies, I will admit I dropped off on Rocky 5 and Rocky 6

I was at the drive in with my Aunt and Uncle when I saw Rocky 1 And 2, I was pumped, It was an inspirational story, the man just didn't quit, the under dog, he had heart, then in the rematch Rocky 2 , I loved it, he got up off of the mat first.

I was in high school when Rocky 3 came out, Rocky vs Clubber Lang, (Mr T) come on ! 
Clubber , Prediction "PAIN" Rocky-"GO FOR IT"  The soundtrack "Eye of the Tiger "

Rocky 4 vs the Russian, IVAN- East vs West, Old school training and workouts, vs the Steriods.
Appollo dies vs the Russian, Rocky fights in memory of Creed.

I felt it was at its best, I thought Sly should have stopped while he was on top

I am pumped up thinking about it...

I lost interest in Rocky 5, I think this is where Rocky trains the street fighter, blah blah
Rocky 6- ok ok ok, enough the franchise was saturated

But, now
CREED, the son of Apollo, the fighter
This might work? I am curious for the soundtrack, his movies always had good music.

Check out this trailer- Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan

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