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What is your EXCUSE ? By Coach Scott Fields

What is your EXCUSE ? By Coach Scott Fields

Take a closer look at this photo ! I am blessed that I currently work with people with disabilities on a daily basis, as I am between Coaching positions. I am inspired on a daily basis when I observe some unique challenges people live with.

I observe challenges, I talk with them, I listen closely to the families. I am moved to my core.
It is all about attitude, it is all about choices, I see special needs individuals and what challenges they encounter when it comes to quality of life. 

I see people give in, and I see them wilt, I also see strong minded individuals and they don't let obstacles stand in their way, they find a way, of course with assistance, with adaptive equipment, assistive technology. But I see inspiration in their eyes, there soul glows, they smile with sincerity, they laugh from the heart, they are real, they don't want attention, they are SPECIAL, they are DRIVEN, this is why it saddenss me to see healthy individuals make excuses, feel sorry for themselves. Why? 

I too suffer on a daily basis from a crippling disease of Rhuematiod Arthritis. It was not genetic, I contracted the illness while taking a vaccine to except my scholarship in North Carolina. I was a HS Hall of Fame athlete on scholarship to play basketball and pursue a dream.
I took the vaccine in October of 1986. I was bed fast in November of 1987.

This is not about me, this is about awareness, it is about individuals who still live their life. they still have a FIRE within them, they have a purpose. They don't allow individuals or circumstances to set their limitations. They have ambition, the have faith, they have determination.

We all have a story, we all have challenges, we all have trials and tribulations.
We also have choices, we have decisions on how we will live our life.
Look around you , you are what your choices have led you to. If you don't like your current situation, just know it is temporary, you can fix it, you can choose to make excuses, you can choose to be miserable, you can be one of those who complain Nd do nothing about it.
Or, you can find solutions to issues. Yiu can make progress with your attitude? Will you choose to except things as they are? Or will you make changes.

I am quilty, I have been in ruts, I have felt sorrow, I am far from perfect, I have had a poor attitude about things. I too have complained, I have felt sorry for myself . But those where test, they were life lessons. 

You too have a choice...REVIVE you. Make the decision to move forward, you might fail? If you do Fail Forward....keep moving towards your goals, keep moving towards your aspirations. FEAR what? Fear is an emotion, it is a self manufactured illusion. 

I hope this post inspires you to be a better you, I hope the photo inspires you to see other choose to be successful.sometimes it is all about changing your perspective.

It is not about flexing muscle, it is about flexing your brain....

Excuses? Are only good for those who make them, go ahead wallow in your excuse, I will not enable you,  I will listen, but, I will set back and see if you wIll do anything about your circumstance, it is up to you to fix it...
An excuse is a premeditated mental reasoning to yourself..are you really buying into it? 

Denial, it is many people know a parent who is in denial about a child with substance abuse issues? How many times have you heard the parent make an excuse for the childs behavior. 

Just throwing it out to make you think about it...I would rather have honesty, direct honesty. It might sting, but in many situations it is far healthier. It will not kill you to hear the truth. Accept it, process it, use it to inspire you in a positive direction, just like a doctor prognoses. You can choose to accept it, or you can you it to empower yourself to make a change Ina. Positive direction.

I was told I would be in a wheelchair at the age of 25, I was told my disease was so active and so much degenerative bone decay by the worlds best doctors at the mayo clinic, that I and my family needed to be prepared for a wheelchair. 
I told my family, "they don't know me very well do they " 
It was a defining moment, I choose not to accept it, I was stubborn, I was heard headed. I fought it  I didn't allow it to define me. Yes, I had great doctors, I struggled to find medications to help me ease the pain, to ease the swelling, I was taking 16 pills a day, in hopes of finding something to help me control the disease, not or never in remission, but control it.

Well, I am about to turn 48, I am still not in a wheelchair. 

True story, I was coaching in Lebanon, I tore my ACL. They did surgery on me to reconstruct my ACL. We had a game three days later, I told the doctors to get me out of the hospital and allow me to coach and lead my team. They said ok, but I would be in a wheelchair.
I said NO, I would be on the sideline , no wheelchair, becUse of what the doctors told me at the Mayo clinic. 
They gave me crutches, I threw the crutches down. I hopped on one leg, with sweat pouring down my body from pain, I had a huge brace on my leg that was newly reconstructed. but I did it to lead by example to my team. 

It was a choice, again a defining moment, ask my players and the fans they will remember.

I am not special, I am just another man who has a choice. I don't share this with you to put myself on a pedestal, I share it in hopes of inspiring others to make healthy choices in the life.

God Bless you on your journeys, thanks dr allow me to share a bit about myself.
But I am blessed God has put me wher I am now. I am inspired daily with the individuals and families I serve daily. You are my inspiration.

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