Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Christopher Duffley 14 yr old Autistic/Blind sings at Red Sox game

Christopher Duffley 14 yrs old- Autistic / Blind sings at Red Sox game

I am moved by this performance- Christopher Duffley is a bright , talented young singer.
Yes, he is Autistic/ Blind he is 14 yrs old. he has a talent, he has a gift

I am currently between my coaching positions, and I am blessed to be working with the State of Utah, with Department of Human services. I work for the Department of Services for People with Disabilities. it is a very rewarding position and I get to work with this population.

I also have a family member who I don't get to see much, but I adore him and think of him often, he has moved across the country, and he too has a talent and gift of signing. Ashton, I am thinking of you when I hear this.

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