Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brandon (B Sly) Sly - Happy 19th Birthday

B Sly - Happy 19th Birthday

Brandon D Sly, is 19 today. 8/29/1996 was the DOB.

Today he is 19, a boy becoming a man, and the last of his teenage years. You are now a Sophomore at USU EASTERN in Price, Ut. A Point Guard on the basketball team on scholarship.

Kim and I are blessed to have you apart of our Family. You are the Sunshine in our home.
You passion for basketball was our bond. Now, we have watch you grow, watched you mature into a gentleman. Your journey has just begun, but it will be a fun ride.

You came into out life, as it must have been Gods plan. I returned from coaching in China. I told my wife I wanted to mentor kids with Big Brothers, since I didn't have biological children myself. A friend of mine came to me and said, you are a basketball guy, there is a young boy who always has a basketball in his hand, you need to meet him.

We met, we talked hoops, I went to a super league game late one evening, I met a close friend of yours whom I also knew and she said, she adored you and we would be the perfect match.

A Freshman at WHS, to a transfer to RHS, to a scholarship at USU to .............

Your smile, your dimple, your thirst for knowledge, your singing and dance moves
and to think you just got your first dunk only a few weeks ago, a MILESTONE moment and you were angry no one had it on video.

Just know we are proud of you ! Love YA ! and thrilled to be in your life
Kim, Whitt and I are the lucky ones

Happy 19 lil man !

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