Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cancer Fundraiser - "Buffy the Cancer Slayer"

Breast Cancer Fundraiser -  "Buffy the Cancer Slayer"

Please help us in support of our close friend Sharon "Buffy" Damico. Was diagnosed with breast Cancer a few months ago. She is currently having Chemo treatments, then she starts radiation, she will have her mastectomy in November. Both Breast will be removed. It is also in the lymph nodes. It is a blessing it is only stage two.

We are selling these Pink Bracelets w/ Purple inscription " Buffy the Cancer Slayer" with the Cancer ribbon.(photo of bracelets in top right corner of photo) Buffy is in bottom left corner.

We are asking for $5 for a bracelet  + a small shipping and handling fee, and the proceeds help her pay for the medical expenses, this is being done as a surprise for her.

Please help SHARE this post, and kindly contact me, if you are interested in purchasing a bracelet?
Thanks so much, my Wife, Kim and I appreciate your prayers and purchase of a bracelet for her.

I can be contacted here on FaceBook via messenger or at

Or we are happy to except any kind donation on her behalf.

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