Monday, August 24, 2015

Steph Curry - just another reason to like this man

Steph Curry- Just another reason to like this guy

Yes, I have had the honor and privledge to have cross paths with the MVP on two separate occasions in my career. I was lucky to be with GS in his rookie year at the NBA Summer League.
The second occasion was able to coach him at the NBA charity event in SLC.

This is not to exploit those opportunities, but I was able to observe and see first hand, how humble, how coachable of a young man he was. I watched his routine, Steph would work on his ball handling before the game. he does the same routine today. His WorkEthic is outstanding, he constantly pushes himself outside of his comfort zone. Steph is a man of spirit and he isn't afraid to show it.
Steph writes in his shows, "I can do all things" a biblical verse.

I am proud of him and he has inspired many. 

This is a great photo and quote, so I felt I should share. Again, just another reason to Like and Support this man. Steph Curry is more than just a player in an NBA Team. I hope many more follow in the trail he is blazing.

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