Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Coaches need for an escape and serenity is healthy

A Coaches need for an escape and serenity is Healthy.

This post is all about healthy mind, body and spirit. I feel I am blessed to live out in Gods country.
I live just south of Salt Lake City in Utah. I have always had an interest in the western states.

I guess that comes from my grandfather on my moms side, he would take trips to Colorado, Idaho, Utah to hunt Deer and Elk with his friends. I would watch his old reel to reel black and white movies and think it was so cool. They would set up camp, and Chase Big Game in Southern Colorado.

My father is a huge outdoors man as well,  he is retired and his passion for the outdoors with fishing and hunting and camping was passed on. I guess I am easily a third generation outdoors man. When fall rolls around, and there starts to be a crips in the air and the leaves start to change, I get excited.
I live around several Big Game animals, that are not in the mid west.

Moose, Elk, Mule and Whitetail deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Black bear, Big Horn Sheep, Wolves, Cougars can be found along the Wasatch front.  the mountain scales are breathtaking, literally, as I hike in this evelevation above 5200 ft, the air is thin, and the steepness of the terrain is a great cardio workout.

I can remember trips I would take with one of my childhood buddy to the western states. Scotty and I loaded up the car, slept in a tent every night and ate cold cuts and snacks to hike and get movies and still photos of wildlife were highlights of my youth. Scotty and I made great memories together. I now live here with my wife and family.

When I am not in basketball, my second passion is the outdoors. The Big Sky, fresh air, the wildlife.
The popping of a campfire, the hikes. The scenery, there is nothin better. The sense of adventure, to crest the next Summitt, as yiu never known hat you will spot.

The cardio is best cross training, it is always not easy, it is like doing a lunge on every step. With my Rhuematiod arthritis, it slows me down, I just go at my pace. I take the time to soak it all in. I enjoy the beauty. It is a workout, a great sweat. So , please hydrate and fuel up.
For the mind, for me, just to get out and get away, it outdoor therapy. The peace and serenity and being in the Big Game environment is a thrill.

For the spirit and soul, the is nothing better, to me, it is spiritual. It cleanses the soul.

I know for others. It can be anything, a good book, a movie, maybe Golf, or skiing, whatever it is to recharge your batteries, I encourage it. The players and your Team  you coach deserve your best.
Whatever it is to rid your stress, get out and do it. if it is gardening, go garden, for me, Look for me off of the trail, on a game trail, look near a stream or within an eye shot of a heard of elk in the fall.

I will be the guy, with a smile on my Face. A quickend pulse and goose bumps.

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