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Beside every good Man/Coach -there is a wonderful support system

Beside  every good Man/Coach- there is a wonderful support system
Kim Fields 
To stay with the Coaching theme, I wanted to share with you how important it is for for us to have a wonderful sport system. In any walk of life, in any profession, either gender, a positive support system is vital to success and happiness.
I am blessed I found a wonderful women to support me in my journey as a Professional Basketball Coach. Kim is a well respected and talented stylist in the Salt Lake Valley. This is as much about her as it is about me. She is a hardworking, independent and one of the best in her field. I am supportive of her and her profession. She travels to shows to stay current on the newest trends and fashions. She takes classes to always learn and grow. I am so proud of her.
The are so many adjectives I could share about her, she is beautiful inside and out. She is a wonderful mom, she is the first to GIVE. She is positive. She will put in an average of a 10 to 12 hr days to service her clients. She will not say No, and is always eager to help.

I am lucky I crossed paths with this wonderful spirit. I met her through her sister, who's husband played for me and we won a championship together in Lebanon. We had never met in person, I was introduced to her by her sister, she described her as "Just like me, a people person, outgoing, she was into fitness, I was told she did some fitness modeling. I thought to myself, how would I ever meet her? I was at a pool with Holly in Beirut when she was deceived to me. My family was all in Indiana, and I was in Florida between season near my grandparents.

Well, as fate would have it. I was going to the NBA summer leagues in Vegas and Salt Lake City to scout players for my team. I would watch sets, learn terminology, nepeta orl with coaches from around the globe and in the NBA. I spent 12 days in Vegas, I was in route to Salt Lake City. I asked Holly for Mim's number so I could introduce my self to her, as Paul would be in Salt Lake and I would workout with him prior to him going back to Lebanon for the National Team. he had to guard Yao Ming of China.

Paul and I would talk, I was eager to see the big fella, as any coach enjoys seeing his players in the off season. I was to meet Paul at the airport prior to the start of the Rocky Mountain Revue, the NBA summer league in Salt Lake City.

I get off of the flight, I come down to baggage claim. I am greeted by Paul, he picks me up Nd bear hugs me, I get. Tap on my shoulder, and I am thinking it will be Paul's wife Holly, I turn around and it was Kim. WOW ! I see beautiful green eyes, a super white smile, toned long legs in green mini skirt. A white blouse, tanned olive skin and my heart lepped out of my chest.

My life would change for the best, we would go to a great Italian restaurant, and we would stay up talking and getting to know each other until 4 am , then Get up and workout at 6:30am
I got to meet her daughter Whittney, she was full of like like her mom.

I enjoyed staying up talking all night long about everything, we shared so much in common, we had simaliar taste in music, in foods, in fitness, we were both professional , she was an awesome mom..

I had found my soulmate, my partner, my sidekick in this journey called life.
She is supportive of my ambitions, she supports my aspirations and dreams. It is not easy to be married to a Coach. We have long days, she understands the commitment, she understands the travel demands. She has come to visit me in China and Venezuela. She has done the AAU thing we me as I coached Brandon.

Kim is my Rock, she is my stability, she is my inspiration to continue to be better and share it all with her.
I am confident God has a plan and the best in life is yet to come. I am blessed to share this journey with you.

Kim is the best decision I have made in my life. She is my life partner.

It is so important to choose and marry wisely. Don't search your entire life looking for the perfect person, Find  the perfect person for you and love all the perfect imperfections about them. I am blessed she overlooks all of my imperfections.

I disagree with those who say behind every good man is a good women, I think it is BESIDE every good man is a patient  and sacrificing women.

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