Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Former NBA star Steph Marbury finds home in CHINA

Former. NBA star Steph Marbury find home in CHINA

As many of you are aware, I spent three years coaching then China.

After the CBA team in Utah folded for financial reasons, Donnie Nelson Jr. Of the Dallas Mavericks sent me to the other CBA, this time in China with JiLin Northeast Tigers and Gm former China NT standout the TigerKing.

It was so cold, It was way up north, near the Siberian border, I think only a few days it was even above freezing.

That success led to warmer climates in Dongquan in the south, in the city of Chang An and a Championship with the Parkview Snow Wolves.
It was only  few hours drive out of Hong Kong.

This is the only country that I needed a translator constantly.
The languages of Mandarin and Cantonese are very difficult for me to pick up, Just like  in the USA, the dialects are different in the north and south made it even more difficult.

The Country loves there basketball. Yes, there is alot of smog, over 300 million Baaketball players were registered in the country when I was there coaching . The food, well, they ate anything and everything, Picked Chicken feet, Camel hump, Rat kebabs, rice milk was popular.

But, Basketball was Big and growing. I had great experiences there. the players played and trained year around. The sports are under through the Government . They are a communist country.
I had to write up. Report for every practice and have it turned in for my checks.
I felt they were stealing, but then again, they paid my salary.

Anyway, former NBA star Steph Marbury has found a home in China, after his NBA career

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