Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day - my DES 170 lbs of LOVE

National Dog Day - Des = 170 lbs of LOVE

This my my Dog, this was a Christmas present from my wife. DES is a Great Dane. A Gentle Giant.
He is love able, cuddly , he thinks he is a lap dog, he doesn't know or care if he is 170 lbs.

The way he welcomes me home from a long day of work, the way he knows when I pack my bags for a trip, his kisses, he loves drives in the jeep, where his head sticks out, he loved the convertable, he likes hikes. Walks and runs, he likes to sneak a snack from the kitchen, he gets jealous when the grand dog comes around, he hates be be outside when we have a party.
He will watch basketball games with me, he lays by my feet when I work, he likes sleep overs in the tent. He just wants to be close and snuggle as much as possible

He has been a warrior, he has 1 lung, he had his stomach clipped since he twisted years back, he is a great guard dog, he will let us know when someone comes to visit, he loves to sleep on his matress at night next to our bed. He likes cool weather, he loves carrots and ice cubes for treats, he mourned the lost of his sister LACEY.

He loves when we have guest, he is my best buddy........I baby him, I am a softy, he likes when I rub. His ears and rub his back, I sleep on the floor with him when he doesn't deel well.
He has no idea he is a dog.

Love this BIG FELLA
He is a  great and valuable member of the Fields family

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