Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Special Olympics Games - The right message

Special Olympics Games - True Inspiration
I sat late Staurday night and watching the Opening ceremonies of the 2015 Special Olympics
I was moved by the "Joy" the "Excitement " the "Pride" of the athletes who entered the LA Event.
177 countries paraded in, over 6500 athletes.

This was Powerful and it moved my emotions.
It is what sports is all about, I thought about my time volunteering for Special Olympics.
I thought of the relationships formed, the memories made during my experience.

I thought the message delivered was awesome, the entertainment was good, but this is all about the participants. I highly encourage you to watch the games. Get involved in your region. I promise this will transform you

Putting politics aside, the First Lady Michele Obama shared worlds, enjoy this link

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