Thursday, July 23, 2015

Steph Curry fan tribute video

Steph Curry TRIBUTE video made by fan
I have have the pleasure of being around Steph Curry on 2 special occasions.
I was an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors his rookie season at the NBA summer league in Vegas.

The second occasion I was the Head Coach of a group of NBA stars during a NBA charity event here in Salt  Lake City.

I found him to be down to earth, very personable, he was strong with his faith, he was endearing with any and all fans, he posed for pictures with anyone who wanted one. He signed autographs for anyone who requested one.

He had an incredible work ethic even then. I am proud of his success, I am not suprised at all.
This season we was named NBA MVP, and a fan made a tribute video for him to the R Kelly song
Worlds Greatest.

Click the link and enjoy the video
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