Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wearing my Faith at the NBA Summer League - Vegas

Wearing my Faith at the NBA Summer League - Vegas
I am back to the daily grind now. I apologize to those who look forward to my daily post here on my site. I was away networking and enjoying the Mecca of Pro Basketball the Las Vegas NBa a Summwr League.

I must give a shout out to my friends at Active Faith for the sportswear I was rocking while in Vegas at the NBA Summer league.

Please check out the site for great gear from a great company with an important message.

I will say this, not as a paid endorsement, but as a Coach who wore the Sportswear while in the heat of Las Vegas. The shirts were very comfortable, lightweight, and food looking.
I was wearing my Faith daily and was complimented on the sportswear.

Thanks to my friend and NBA player Anthony Tolliver, who is Co owner with NBA MVP Steph Curry and Lanny Smith.

Please support this company.

God Bless
In Jesus Name I Play

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