Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NBA Summer League - many things to many people

NBA Summer League- many things to many people 
It is true, the NBA summer league in Vegas is a Big business and has grown 10 fold since its beginning. NBA agent and Visionary Warren LaGarie has done a masterful job with building the NBA training grounds for the summer in Vegas.

For agents, it is a place to market and promote your players to Teams in the NBA and abroad in FIBA. Deals are being done in bleachers, in tunnels and concourses between gyms.
For NBA scouts, many players are being evaluated on the court.
For Players, it is an opportunity to showcase your skills set at a higher level in front of many eyes.
For Coaches, it is a place to develop your skills, and for unemployed coaches it is a place to network like crazy.
For referees, it is a place to also develop and be evaluated.
For All it is a training ground to test new Technolgy, experiment with cameras, .microphones and ere plays to speed up the game.

For fans, it gives the fanatics an opportunity to watch your DRAFTIES, first and second year players.
For Free agents, you can up your market value with a good game or two.

For the city, it is a place to bring in money and More. Money.

This Vegas summer league is many things to many people 

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