Thursday, July 2, 2015

NBA day 1 Free Agency RECAP

NBA day 1 Free Agent RECAP

Big Money was given to some of the Top Players available yesterday, starting at 12:00 midnight.
The trickle down effect will continue with a few more top tier players, then the next level of players will become the priority for the Teams.

Big Men were the top priority, Big Names, BIG Money
Kevin Love, Lemarcus Aldridge, Draymond Green, Franxhise corner stones.
The list will continue to grow

Jimmy Butler, Tristan Thompson, Kawai Leonard, Danny Green

What about D Wade ? There are still top players on the market. Rajon Rhondo ? Monte Ellis ?

Where will they land? What have the NY Knicks done so far? LA Lakers ?
Once storied franchises are struggling to bring top names and talents.

LA Lakers need to work on their presentations to Top players.
You are selling a culture, you are selling Tradition, but you must show players how you can benefit them on the court to be success. Kobe can help, but Front office must earn respect.
You have to sell more than just weather and celebrities who attend.

Phil Jackson needs to earn his salary NOW.

Phoenix have quietly done a solid job, Cleveland Owner has taken care of his assets.
Golden State has been smart
San Antonio shows why they WIN !
Chicago well done ....  Who will be the suprises ?

Day 2 is on the clock
NBA Summer league is around the corner

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