Thursday, July 9, 2015

NBA's DeAndre Jordan flip flops on verbal agreement

NBA's  DeAndre Jordan -- Dallas vs LA "TUG Of WAR"

The Saga has played out, July 1 , 2015 At the stroke of midnight, with a leap second added.
The Players are able to start contract negotiations.

The LA Clippers has DeAndre Jordan one of the leagues top defensive players, who opted out of his contract, this allowed him to be courted by other NBA franchises.

Two Billionare owners were about to be in a game of TUG of WAR.

Two NBA cities, a bunch of players using EMOJIEs across Twitter yesterday.
A couple coaches had to have anxiety. Two Western Conference Franchises.

An agent might have been looking at the contract and finding a loop hole in the fact a verbal agreement means NOTHING.

1) Jordan said he was leaving, verbally agreeing to an offer on the table from Dallas.  On July 3rd
Players react, Fans react, 1 owner happy, 1 owner sad.
2) Jordan has second thoughts
3) Players on Twitter go crazy using EMOJIEs
4) Jordan hangs out at his home in Houston
5) LA Clipper owner / Coach/ players all head to Houston to see Jordan
6)July 9 at midnight, the moratorium is over and contracts can be signed by the players
The NBA moratorium is used for the league owners to review the fiscal year to see what the salary cap will be set at, because it is agreed that 50/50 owners and players for the money shared with the franchises.
7) Clipper representatives stay with Jordan in his home to have a contract signed at might night to keep their asset.
It is said, players played video games and no calls were retruned to abs owner Mark Cuban during the day.

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