Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Which NBA PG will resurrect their career. - Lawson/Rondo/Williams

Which NBA PG has the best chance to resurrect their Career?
I came across an article this mornings and I wanted to share the content, I think it is a valid question for those who follow the NBA game?

D Will - the Illini PG,  who was once in the same breathe and debate with CP3 ?
The Pg who is rumored to be the reason the Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan stepped down from the Jazz? The man who took his talents to Turkey and was plagued with injuries with the Nets, Mark the "Shark Tank" Cuban rolled the dice when he lost DeAndre Jordon back the his LA Clippers.
D Will returns HOME to Dallas and will attempt to do what Rajon Rondo couldn't.

Speaking of Rajon Rondo- this UK baller, who was an NBA Champion with KG and Paul Pierce,
Gave the Dallas Mavs a shot and the chemistry never worked? was it a conflict with the Coach? Was it the system? was it because KG  and Paul Pierce were not there to make his game easier? Will it work for him at PG for 1 yr with the Kings with Coach George Karl, who helped Gary "the Glove" Payton, can he mesh with Boogie Cousins?

Ty Lawson- this UNC player came into the league and did a nice job for the previously mentioned coach, George Karl with the Nuggets, but some off the court choices, DUI's, and a team that sank when Mello left for the Big Apple, the Titanic team of the Nuggets traded him to the Analytics of the Houston Rockets and Kevin Mckale coached James Harden who requires the ball?

It is a story line that will be interesting to watch develop during the 2015-16 NBA Season

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