Friday, July 10, 2015

The Journey continues - Thrilled my wife was there to share with me

The Journey continues

From the jump, I am not good at this selfie stuff, which is obvious from this photo from last night.

I am writing this post, to say I had a wonderful time at the Utah Jazz NBA Summer league, it was great to see friends, Coaches, General Managers, Staff, Press, and agents.

I am blessed to be in this game I love.

I am very apprecative and grateful for the love and support of this wonderful women.

Kim Fields is my rock.It was so nice to share this evening together before I leave for Vegas for yet another week of NBA Summer League action.

My friends with the Jazz, great to see you, I know you have a team in Vegas as well. I will see you as I head down tomorrow.

2015 Vegas NBA Summer League. Here I come. I look forward to seeing everyone, catching up, making new friends and networking like crazy.

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