Friday, July 24, 2015

Space Jam 2 - featuring Lebron James

Space Jam 2 - featuring Lebron James
Ok, I was a fan of the first Space Jam with Michael Jordon. I thought the story was clever. MJ had to win back the talent for his NBA buddies.

Will Space Jam 2 be just a remake of the original ? Will Lebron put his current NBA buddies in the cast ?  Lebron isn't in retirement playing baseball, so the storyline will be tweaked I assume.

What would the new soundtrack sound like ?
R Kelly "I believe I can Fly" was a hit, eager for the new music.

I know it will make money, Lebron is coming off of  a funny Trainwreck movie. It seemed to work, Lebron can play himself easy.

Will they need special magic water, or just wear Lebrons shoes ?

Here is a link to an article

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