Monday, July 27, 2015

Over 100 International players in the NBA

Over 100 International Players now in NBA
I am thrilled to see the number of International Players climbing over 100.
This says so many things about what I already have learned and observed coaching in FIBA for more than a decade.

The world has closed the gap with the USA in basketball . Was it the DREAM TEAM? We invented the game? But, fundamentally they play it better, yes, we are more athletic and play above the rim, but, shooting, passing, ball handling , Team play and work ethic a slight edge might go to International players.

The Pan Am games just ended and again USA didn't win gold? We took Bronze
Both Brazil and Canada placed better in the standings.
Of course, we can deny and state the obvious, we didnt send our best athletes and players represent us.
America only cares about the Olympic Games, we don't put stock in the World Championships which are huge in International competitions.
Why ?
Is it that international countries have a great development system? They have clubs and academies?
We have AAU? Playing in games doesn't develop skills, it gives valuable experience for some players? But it doesn't allow time for skill development.

Please see the link attached on the list of International players, consider this list was made in 10/2014
We now have a player from India drafted by the Mavs

We will need to revisit this topic in the future?
I am eager to read your thoughts and opinions?

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