Thursday, July 30, 2015

Things to expect during the 2015 NBA season

Things to expect during the 2015 NBA Season
Again, I like to preface this post by stating I am a professional basketball coach, I am not a member of the press. I do enjoy hosting my Show, but, it is about the journey, about empowering other coaches and players on their own personal journey. I have been blessed to utilize my show as a platform to assist others and I am lucky to have such great friends to allow me their studio and equipment and their time to allow me to grow and gain another skill set as a coach.

I found an article about the upcoming 2015 NBA season and I want to share that content with you my followers.
I do feel it is interesting to project what could happen this season with all the NBA Coaching changes, the players who have moved onto other franchises,
Who are the best teams in the East? Who are now the top teams in the West?
Who is best in paper?
Let's remember in an 82 regular game season, there are many tangibles you can't control.

Here is a link to some things to anticipate in the upcoming season

Here are some things I look forward to this season:
More D league Teams to develop players for the NBA franchises and more single team affiliates.
How will things play out in Sacramento with a great Coach in George Karl and Boogie Cousins
Will the Spurs make another run in the competitive west?
What teams will step up and make a run in the East? How about these West?
Will the Jazz make the playoffs?
Which Rookie will have the biggest impact on their new Team?
Which Free agent will help their new Team ?

Which NBA All Star will have a major injury?
Will KD bring back OKC?
Will Billy Donovan or Fred Hoiburg so well with the NCAA to NBA jump?
They both have great franchises and talent already in place to help them?
Will another foreign coach come in and be given an opportunity?
Will Becky Hammon be given an opportunity ?

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