Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pacers go THROWBACK Uni's - Hoosiers the Movie

Pacers go Throwback Uni's - Hoosiers the Movie
Hickory Huskers
This is exciting news for Hoosier basketball fans. The Indiana Pacers today announced that they will utilize the uniforms form the 1950's state Champions from Milan.

In the Movie Hoosiers, the Team was the Hickory Huskers. This was a great time in Indiana Baaketball. the small town team competing against the big city team.

The IHSAA was awesome back in this era. I played HS basketball in this era.
David vs Goliath, Big City vs Small Country towns, Big vs Small

This was the best way to prepare for life and teach life lessons, there was no classification based on On size of your enrollment of your school.
There was no 1A / 2A / 3A / 4A / 5A

It was All In, everyone played against everyone for the State Championship.

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